“Leah’s instruction is very precise and streamlined. … she gives just the right amount of information— not too much, not too little.  I always feel a sense of spaciousness (in myself) in her class, and a sense of “time outside time” both while in the poses and between poses. I can catch my breath as a human being… Her demonstrations are clear and clarifying. I have been practicing Iyengar yoga for many years and I always learn something new in her Level 1/ 2 class. I never tire of practicing the “fundamental poses” in which I discover something new about the practice, or a pose, or myself.” Julie W. Sept. 2020

“…thank you for a wonderful class today. I love how you introduced so many steps to access each pose.  As someone who has been doing yoga for 20 years (the last 4 years teaching) , I’m not naturally flexible and I have to really work for each yoga pose (sometime, I feel like I have to ‘fight’ for the pose).  So bless you for understanding that and helping those of us less flexible attain some level of asana satisfaction.” Bonita S. May 2020

“My back is feeling much better after last class. Last week I went to the chiropractor but my back didn’t feel better until I took your class, so thank you.” Robin H. April 2020

“Joining the fundamentals yoga class was the best decision I made! Thank you for teaching us and I would like to continue learning yoga and improving my strength and flexibility. Before I joined yoga, I could not run even 500 meters without pain in my knee…This sunday, I ran 2 miles and no knee pain! Yoga has helped to strengthen my knee and legs. Also adding yoga to my morning routine helps to give a great start to the day! I know I have not even scratched the surface of knowing, learning, understanding yoga, but, I really like it and want to continue…” Reva N. Student November 2019

“You are truly a great instructor. You pay attention to each of your students, understand their situation and needs, and provide individualized instruction seamlessly with whole class instruction. You understand the need for repetition and practice, but you also keep pushing ahead at a pace we can handle. With each pose, you remind us of each body part and how it should be and feel. You are patient, kind, and professional.  I have worked in education all my life, so I do know a good teacher from a poor one. You are def a good one. Thanks for the help you are giving each of us.”  Bruce H. Student May 2019

“I took my first class at adeline yoga this weekend with Leah Flaks (the class I took was Iyengar Yoga – Level 1).  Her instructions were clear and her teaching was inclusive. The poses she taught were comprehensive, including a range of movement. I can highly recommend Leah as an Iyengar Yoga instructor”. Laura O. Student March 2019

“I was very fatigued and just when I went in and had forced myself to come. I’m glad I did. Thank you for your clear and compassionate manner of teaching.” Pavana D. Student Feb ’19

“Thank you for a wonderful first class. It wasn’t scary at all (which I had worried it might be!). You made it very accessible, and I appreciated your positive, clear, and affirming approach.” Sheri P. Student Jan 2019

“You are a wonderful teacher!” Cynthia G. Student Jan 2019

“Leah is a committed, caring and compassionate teacher to students, especially to Seniors and those who need “gentle yoga”. We are lucky to have Leah as part of our Iyengar Yoga community. She is an excellent representative for what Iyengar Yoga can offer the world.” Heather, owner Adeline Yoga October 2018