Private Lessons: Addressing Pain, Stiffness, Weakness & Injuries

Private Lessons is a way to learn yoga at your own pace and address your unique concerns. I can teach you how to build strength, increase mobility and balance, and lessen your pain and inflammation. Practicing yoga helps develop confidence by learning to take control of your own health, wellness and happiness. By moving the body, creating freedom in the joints and increasing circulation our entire outlook on life, mood and brain function improves.

I have decades of experience healing my own back, knee and neck and shoulder injuries and can help you overcome your pain, inflammation and stiffness. I’ve also overcame stiffness and pain in areas like my ankle, wrist, and fingers.

We all experience pain in the body and mind because of nagging chronic or sudden injuries and sometimes this pain creates limitations in our everyday life. In yoga, we don’t wait until the pain goes away but believe yoga can guide our healing (along with other methodologies like heat, cold, baths, oil massage & arnica*). At first, we move gently when there’s inflammation but then we build up our strength, stamina and balance to heal and avoid future injuries.

Neck & Shoulders – I understand how neck pain can be debilitating and chronic shoulder pain/stiffness. These areas improve with time by diligent and gentle exercise.

Back & Hips – At first, a gentle approach is warranted but then strengthening is key to a healthy back and stable hips. I can show you what to do and when for a safe and successful ramp up to a vibrant body.

Knees & Ankles – Swelling and stiffness in the groins, knees, ankles and feet can mean walking with a cane, falling, more pain and swelling and lead to more weakness and instability. It’s imperative to address this area of the body in a strategic and progressive manner so we can literally get back on our feet and lead productive lives.

To get more information and to schedule a private lesson, contact me by clicking on the Contact tab and submit your information including a good number to reach you. I will then follow up with you to schedule a time to talk, a time to practice (generally 1 hour) and we can discuss my sliding scale pricing.

*yoga is meant to support our healing but we do seek and follow medical attention as warranted