Corporate Training

I can support your company in meeting its goals with over 30 years of proven experience working alongside medium and large companies supporting executives and employees at all levels of the organization.

My corporate background includes discussion of what is yoga, breath awareness, meditation, team building off-sites, and executive retreats at Chevron, Wells Fargo Bank, Juul, and Blue Shield of California.

I show employees exercises they can do at their desk to avoid repetitive strain injuries and address how to cope with mental and physical stressors.

I lead team building classes that encourage sharing and experiencing the mind-body connection and demonstrate yoga and meditation to increase calm, productivity and fulfilling lives, both at work and at home.

I offer a variety of modules to fit into your company’s vision including:

  • a discussion of the body-mind connection
  • how to incorporate breathing awareness and meditation into our busy lives
  • easy exercises to do at your desk
  • beginner and intermediate yoga asana classes
  • art therapy and/or
  • food tasting for a sensual experience of how our body-mind experiences the outer and inner worlds

Please contact me at for more information, availability and pricing.